Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy on the beach

Since the beginning of this week I have started another semester at the University. So now it’s all about the lectures, tutorials, seminar paper and all the other learning stuff… And this has been the issue since the very start of the season. So first, it was registration for the exams and the seminar. And then came some meetings with professors and additional tutorials. And all this month has been completely dedicated to the exams which I was done with last week. This means, here comes the lectures time, and I am quite excited about the new semester. Yet, there is so much work to do. So right now business is my second name.

But the sweetest part here is the memories of my vacation in September. I will never forget this time, I think. As you already know, I went to Moscow in the middle of the month. And I spent amazing time with my family. It was such a fabulous time when the family was together, that does not often happen right now. And secondly, Moscow is one of my favorite cities. Even regardless it is huge and real mix of cultures and peoples form all over the country, I still love it. I admire the touristic parts of the city where one can enjoy the wonderful Red Square, Arbat district, the University, the beautiful Tsritsyno district and many other sights the city is so rich of. But I also love the calm areas away from the city center.

And after having spent some weeks with the family I went to Egypt for a week. A wonderful week, I must admit. We stayed in Sharm el Sheikh, a resort part of the Sinai peninsula. This was the second time we stayed at Novotel Beach, the best hotel ever personally for me. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The cardigans

Cardigans? Definitely yes! After buying two great pieces in black and in puder rose color, I have another one in my wishlist… What do you think about these ones?
All the three pieces are from this means if you want to see some more styles you can just go to and find the latest updates.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

When in Egypt

Hello! Here’s another outfit among the ones shot when in Egypt. This time I matched my Blackfive floral pants with some basic nude pieces. So I picked the Amisu pale pink top and rose Defshop sandals, I’ve been so long waiting to wear. And my must wear Asos watch is here again, even in the leisure time! What do you think about the result?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Outwear shopping

So it’s been around a year since I have first ordered an outwear piece online. I mean, it’s it’s always quite easy to choose a top, a pullover or even a sweater in an online shop. The color is usually as on the picture, the style is understandable, the fabric is usually imaginable and the size is easy to choose for a chart. What is more, some styles usually are ‘one size’ so it’s even easier. The same is for skirts and dresses. When it comes to pants, here it may come to a fail as the length (like in my case) and the crop are really important.